Mobile Development Strategy

Your plan! Your vision! Actualized. Let our team’s diverse development expertise open new doors for your business. Stay competitive with cross-platform, HTML5 apps. Can your app survive in the competitive mobile marketplace? We can show you how.

Mobile App Design

Creating a remarkable user-experience. After we’ve vetted your idea, we’ll create a prototype using intelligent design techniques and industry best practices. User research data informs UX/UI design.

IOS Application

Your users love their iOS apps; and so do we. Using best practices in iOS development from strategy to implementation, we employ mobile technology that will make your app succeed in today’s mobile marketplace.

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Android Development

Smartphones. Tablets. Google Play. We provide clients with access to an award-winning, full-service Android development team. APP HOUSE is a place where we connect UI/UX design and Java programming to create stunning Android mobile apps.

HTML5 Development

We specialize in cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps. But, imagine building one app that can run on multiple devices at once. It can be tricky, but with one budget and one solution we can take you further, faster. That’s why APP HOUSE builds HTML5 apps to help our clients deliver to more users. One app to rule them all.

App Store Submission

We can help you make the cut. Ensure your app will be approved. Help you submit your app under your developer license. Navigate you through the process of getting your app to market. App Store approval can be tough and confusing, but APP HOUSE can make sure your app’s functionality is “up-to-snuff".

People Behind APPHOUSE

In APP HOUSE, We believe in Quality over Quantity. We build Mobile Business solutions for StartUps, Enterprise Organizations, Government Organizations and Non-profit Organizations. In APP HOUSE, We work, You earn!

Okpeh Leon Andrew
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Okpeh Leon Andrew

Web & Mobile Developer / Head, Internet Business Strategy

A hard working Mathematician/computer scientist, and prolific programmer with over three (3) years of experience in programming, research work and software development as a whole. Leon is obsessed with the idea of synchronizing technological advancements with the computer world.

Ibekwe Emmanuel
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Ibekwe Emmanuel

Head of IT GText Media

Ibekwe Emmanuel is a Brand Specialist and a seasoned Digital Marketer.
Using an experience of how important Brands are to People, He would recommend just the perfect User Interface and design for You.

Adefila Adeyinka
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Adefila Adeyinka

Web Developer / Ass Head, Internet Business Strategy

Im Adefila Adeyinka, A Mobile Marketing Expert, A digital marketing Royal Highness, information marketer, App Developer Business Plan Developer and a coach in making!”…taste of royalty is what you will get”

  • I recommend APP HOUSE to any individual or company looking to develop an application. The company was prompt in developing a flawless mobile application that fit my specifications. They exceeded my expectations!

  • I could not be happier with my decision to select APP HOUSE. I was amazed at their ability to quickly build an understanding of the product. Development went very smoothly. Accurate timelines were built into our plans and weekly calls kept us on track.

  • Our project was executed with a high degree of professionalism and technical expertise. We would be happy to work with APP HOUSE again and we hope the opportunity presents itself.

Our Pricing

Our Prices are very Affordable



$1,250 --> #500,000 (Negotiable)

  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Geo Location & Maps Integration
  • One click Contacting
  • Augmented Reality
  • Location Based Messaging

Pricing FAQ

Is there a place to download help?

No! Questions regarding support or suggestions for improvements to APP HOUSE Mobile applications for iPhone/iPad and Android devices can be sent to

Will you develop my app idea for profit share?

APP HOUSE works strictly as a developer for hire. We do not participate in any revenue splits or percentage agreements. That means while you shoulder development costs, you own your app free and clear, including source code and intellectual property.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Simple apps can be completed in a couple weeks, while more complex apps might take several months. The more clearly you’ve defined your idea and how it will work as an app, the more closely we can estimate a time frame.

Can you do iPhone and Android at the same time?

Absolutely! We support Iphone and android. One app, Various Platforms.

How can I make sure my app will get downloads?

There’s no such thing as a guarantee, but our digital marketing services can help your app gain the exposure it needs to have a chance at rising above the crowd. Also, read more about mobile marketing and learn about ways to promote your app.

How is the app distributed?

Consumers will be able to download apps right on their devices. We’re experts in the submission process, having submitted hundreds of apps for hundreds of clients to the various consumer download services:
Apple iTunes App Store
Google Play for Android.

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We specialize in Mobile App design, development and Marketing. Like we said, We work, You EARN!